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We provide dependable, reliable and exceptional Residential and Commercial Garage Door Repair Services. And, also; new overhead door Installation and maintenance at affordable prices. We’ve created a reputation for providing honest, reliable customer and product support to complement our high-quality products.

Commercial and Residential Garage Door Repair Services

Overhead Garage doors are the largest and heaviest moving part of most homes or business. There are many components to the “system” that is in your garage door and all the pieces need to work together. This includes the springs, cables, openers, sensors, panels, rollers, and tracks.

No matter the issue, we are just a phone call away. We offer Garage Door Repair Service, Installation & Maintenance at affordable rates throughout the Greater San Diego Area.

While minor garage door repair can be performed by the home or business owner, there will be some garage door services that are best left to the professionals. As an example, garage door springs, drums, rollers, and cables are under an incredible amount of tension and stress. If not handled by trained professionals, the repair can be dangerous and cause serious harm to your home, business or yourself.

A Brief List of our Garage Door Repair Services:

  • Service and Repairs Garage Doors – Overhead Door of So Cal.  San DiegoBroken Spring Replacement.
  • Cable Replacement.
  • Garage Door Panel Replacement.
  • Off-Track or Sagging Garage Doors.
  • Garage Door Roller Replacement.
  • Garage Door Opener Repair or Replacement.
  • Wireless Key Pads.
  • Additional Garage Door Opener Remotes.
  • Garage Door Tune-up and Safety Inspections.
  • Preventive Maintenance.
  • Complete Garage Door Replacement.

Spring Repairs

Service and Repairs Garage Doors – Overhead Door of So Cal.  San DiegoThe most common issue with a garage door that will not move up and down properly is a problem with the garage door spring system. Garage Door Springs are instrumental to a working garage door as they generate most of the heavy lifting and controlling the balance of your garage door;  Whether they be torsion or extension springs.

Eventually, the garage door springs will break. When this happens we urge you not to continue operating your garage door as well as replacing the springs yourself.. It can become hazardous to you and can cause more damage to rest of the garage door components.

No matter how the door is reacting, broken garage door springs can be extremely hazardous and require the assistance of professionals at Overhead Door of Southern California.

Garage Door Cable Repairs:

Service and Repairs Garage Doors – Overhead Door of So Cal.  San DiegoCables on the garage door play a role similar to the sensors. They increase the safety of your garage door. Cables do this by keeping your garage door from not swinging wildly should the springs break. In other words, they keep the garage door balanced. As your springs begin to wear down over time the cables are a very useful instrument for your safety.

Garage door cables can and do break on occasion. One reason the cable might break is simply aged. Cables experience wear and tear just like any other working part. Over time, the cables can weaken, rust and eventually snap. Rust can corrode the cable, and unless you catch it in time, the rust will have eaten through the cable.

Fraying is another problem that causes garage door cables to snap. Garage door cables work the same way as a rope. A lot of little wire cables are wound together to make a stronger, thicker cable.  If one of these little cables breaks, it could fray the other little cables around it until the whole thing eventually snaps.  No matter the cause, a broken cable is a big problem and warrants a call to Overhead Door of Southern California.

Garage Door Roller Repairs:

Service and Repairs Garage Doors – Overhead Door of So Cal.  San DiegoDoes the garage door make strange noises as it opens and closes? If so, your garage door rollers may need replacing or lubricant.  The rollers help guide your garage door up and down along its track smoothly, just like a wheel bearing helps the wheel of a car turn smoothly, the garage door rollers do the same thing!

If the rollers on your doors have gotten filthy, warp, or crack; from the constant wear and tear of using your door. Worn out rollers can cause damage to your garage door track and create an instance unnecessary force exerted by the springs. As this will hurt the rest of your garage door: That’s correct, a little roller can end up costing you a lot of money.

Garage Door Maintenance:

Service and Repairs Garage Doors – Overhead Door of So Cal.  San DiegoWe encourage both our commercial and residential customers to have their door systems professionally inspected. While we base garage door maintenance on an individual needs, we recommend an annual test at least once per year.

During your Garage Door Maintenance Service, garage door parts will be tightened and lubricated for smooth operation. Having your garage door maintained will not only give you convenience, but it will also provide safety for your family and extend the life of your door. View our Maintenance Tips.

Garage Door Panel Replacement:

Service and Repairs Garage Doors – Overhead Door of So Cal.  San DiegoSectional garage doors are composed of different panels. One of the benefits of having a sectional garage door rather than a one piece garage door is the replacement. Whether a bottom section or one in the middle is damaged, we can replace them promptly.

No matter what happened, you only have to replace the damaged section without having to replace the whole door. However there is a rule of thumb: if you have 2 or more damaged sections, the replacement cost for these 2 is almost the same as a completely new door.

New Garage Door Installation:

Service and Repairs Garage Doors – Overhead Door of So Cal.  San DiegoThere is a large variety of garage doors available to you. Not to mention, there are a lot of different materials from wood, steel, vinyl, and aluminum & glass. Additionally, there is also a huge variety of styles, color, windows and hardware options. View our Residential Collection or Commercial Collection.

This means no matter what your home or business requires you can get a garage door that perfectly fits the curb appeal, lifestyle, and budget.

Garage Door Opener & Sensor Repair:

Service and Repairs Garage Doors – Overhead Door of So Cal.  San DiegoIf your garage door opener is malfunctioning, we can repair it. Openers are essentially small electric motors that allow your garage door to move with the press of a button. This unrivaled convenience can become a bother especially if your car is trapped inside.

Safety sensors detect whenever there is an object in the pathway of the moving garage door. When they detect an object in the path of the garage door it will immediately stop and open again. This is to stop a possible injury or damage occurring to anything under the garage door’s path.

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