Effective on July 1, 2019, A New CA State Law – . California had its most destructive wildfire season to date. The resulting widespread power outages impacted garage door operation. Sadly, this left some homeowners trapped because they were unable to open their garage door manually. In reaction, the State of California introduced and signed into law Senate Bill 969 on September 21, 2018. It states that all new garage door and garage door opener installations must include garage door openers equipped with battery backup technology designed to operate in the event of an electrical outage.

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New State Law – Garage Door Battery Backup

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The Battery Backup offers homeowners the security of always being prepared when severe weather or fire hits, even in case of a power outage. It’s an accessory that can be easily installed and provides true peace of mind. When the power is out, the Battery Backup will do the heavy lifting.Battery backups are a relatively new addition to garage door openers, with Overhead Door introducing this essential element in their garage door systems over four years ago. Yet, to benefit from the feature, you will have to purchase a brand new garage door opener.

Battery Backup - Overhead Door of So Cal Garage Doors, Poway, San DiegoHere are some reasons why you should consider installing a garage door opener that features battery backup:

  • Power outage: If the power interrupted, you could still get access to your garage.
  • Severe weather: when whirlwind, power lines regularly go down, you can even get access to your garage.
  • Emergency: If you have an emergency, you can always get your car out of your garage and fast.
  • Severe Wild or Home Fires: Destructive fires can result in widespread power outages.

Overhead Door™ Battery Backup

Homeowners can rest easy knowing that, with electricity or not, they will always be able to access their garage.​​ ​​

The Overhead Door™ Battery Backup is an add-on system that can be easily installed to open and close your heavy garage door in the event of a power outage. Powered by Interstate Batteries®, the battery backup accessory enables an opener to operate the garage door at 3.5 inches per second. Additionally, if the power is out for an extended period of time, the unit will run up to 50 cycles in a 24-hour period after the initial outage.


  • ​​Reaches full charge within 48 hours.
  • Front facing colored LEDs indicate charge status
  • Up to 50 cycles in 24 hours after an initial power outage
  • Operates door at 3.5 inches per second
  • Powered by Interstate Batteries®
  • Compatible only with Destiny® and Odyssey® garage door openers.*


  • Model OBB-BX
  • Part number 37229R
  • Dimensions: 9.5” L X 5.27” H x 5’ W
  • 7.8 lbs.
  • 3’ connector cable
  • 8 AMP hour sealed lead acid battery (SLA)​

How is the battery backup accessory installed?

With several mounting options available, this accessory is designed to be unobtrusive. It’s charged and powered via a connector cable running between the opener and the unit, which means there is no need for it to be plugged into an outlet. The Battery Backup can be easily installed by either an Overhead Door™ Technician or the homeowner. The unit is equipped with an 8-AMP, sealed lead-acid battery from Interstate, as it reaches full charge within 48 hours and also has front facing LEDs that indicate charge status.

A Few Things Homeowners Need to Know Before an Emergency Happens.

Understand your opener’s safety features.

Newer garage door openers are required to have a safety release device, a red cord that hangs down from the track.  Pull the red emergency cord to disengage the release lever on the garage door opener carriage. And now you will be able to lift the garage door until it is all the way open.

Pulling the release cord and manually opening the garage door can prove to be challenging for the elderly or people with disabilities, which is why having a garage door opener with battery backup can be helpful. We recommend testing this safety feature before an emergency happens to make sure you can manually disconnect and open your garage door.

Know when the operator’s battery is running down.

To help homeowners understand when these systems are functioning correctly, manufacturers may use different signals. Just like your fire alarms, recognize and know the color of the LED Lights, or whether it is flashing or making a beeping sound every few seconds to 30 seconds.

Learn how to replace your battery.

Even though battery backup systems work without electricity, these systems will require homeowners to replace the batteries every 1-2 years or more frequently depending on opener usage and environmental conditions. If your battery system is showing a red LED light, it might be time to replace the battery. For more information, please call us at +1 (858) 547-3600.

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